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Cloud is Easy.

Change Isn't Hard.

We're here to help make your transition to using cloud technologies easier. Cloud Technology should not be hard to implement for your organization. You need a team that knows what they are doing and how to get the work done. Migration King has helped countless schools, companies and non-profit organizations achieve their goals.

We are your trusted business partner.

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

VMware / VCA

Our Engineers are Certified Solutions Architects. We focus on AWS, Google Cloud Platform and VMware or Open Source (Red Hat/Ubuntu) virtualization. Unlike many other cloud solutions support providers, we don't cater to every technology on the market. We do not support Microsoft Azure. Our keen focus allows us to provide superior support quicker on platforms we know very well at a price companies find valuable.

At Migration King, we invest and train our people on the latest technologies. We focus on having certified IT professionals with fantastic support soft skills. We partner with hands-on training companies like Linux Academy to train the best of the best. Trusting the management of your platform, consolidation of your technology or transformation of your company in your industry requires educated and committed talent, experience and human intuition.

When you choose Migration King, you are selecting a partner to drive excellence. Cloud is the future of technology. Pick a company that speaks the language of cloud fluently and without translation.