I Speak Cloud Fluently!

Cloud Migration is Easy with the Right Talent

I am here to help make your hybrid or full transition into AWS, VMware on AWS or Google Cloud Platform easier.

Cloud Technology should not be hard to implement for your organization. You need a leader that knows what they are doing and how to get the work done. I have helped numerous US Government agencies and reputable non-profit organizations achieve their goals to cut IT operational expenditure costs by over 50%!

I will be your trusted cloud engineering partner.

Amazon Web Services

Google Cloud Platform

VMware / VCA

Shea is focused on cloud technologies. I focus on AWS, VMware on AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Full Stack Web Development.

Unlike many other cloud solutions support engineers, I don't cater to every technology on the market because when you focus, you can demonstrate excellence in your domain of experience. The only support I provide for Microsoft Azure is Azure AD, AzureSSO, ADFS if absolutely required by regulation.

My keen focus on AWS platforms allow me to provide superior support quicker on platforms I know very well at a price companies find valuable.

I leverage AWS Educate, Udacity and Linux Academy to trains on the latest technologies. I focus on maintaining the latest IT Certifications with fanatical support soft skills. Trusting the management, migration and modernization of your platform, consolidation of your technology or transformation of your organization in your industry requires educated and committed talent, experience and human intuition. No business unit today can survive without effective usage of their technology.

When you choose Shea, you are selecting a partner to drive excellence. Cloud is the future of technology. Pick a leader and an engineer that speaks the language of cloud fluently and without translation. I lead teams, I will help you solve the hardest of challenges, I will help save YOU money and I am a personable and kind human being. I may not be a tree hugger, but I have been known to sit in the mountains and love all the trees!

Yes. It is possible to be a great engineer, communicator and a great person at the same time!